Top Health / Medical Insurance in UAE 2023

It’s critical to make the right health-care decisions for you and your family. There are other factors to consider for Top Health / Medical Insurance in UAE, including your family’s needs, cost, and coverage. With so many medical insurance alternatives available, it might be tough to select the best one. The high cost of medical care, the possibility of having a sickness or illness, and the shortage of public health care are only a few of the causes that make health insurance mandatory in the UAE. We studied the finest health insurance carriers in the UAE to help you choose the best health insurance in the UAE.

Top Health / Medical Insurance in UAE

What Is the Best Top Health / Medical Insurance in UAE in the UAE?

According to our detailed analysis of the features, benefits, and pricing of the main health insurance carriers in the UAE, Takaful Emarat is the best health insurance in the UAE. Takaful Emarat provides a choice of health insurance policies to match your needs and budget, including individual, family, and business alternatives. They also provide appealing discounts on health and fitness-related goods and services on a regular basis.

Even though Takaful Emarat has great features and competitive price to fully suit your individual and family health insurance needs, there are many worthy competitors for the title of top medical insurance in UAE. So, let us go over our top picks.

Takaful Emarat – The Best Medical Insurance in UAE

Since its founding in 2008, Takaful Emarat Insurance PSC (Takaful) has offered citizens of the UAE a variety of savings, protection, and investment options along with shariah-compliant insurance products. At the moment, Takaful serves customers based in the UAE cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

More than 20 individual and family health insurance plans are available through the organization, with optional coverage for optical procedures. Via their extensive network of hospitals and medical facilities, Takaful’s plans offer up to AED 1 million in medical expense coverage.

The Best Features

  • Versatility: Takaful is versatile since its product range covers insurance, protection, savings, and investment plans. As a result, you may find several ways to protect your finances and health on one platform.
  • Complete protection: Takaful is among the top health insurance in the UAE because its policies include dental, in-patient, and out-patient care.
  • Copay options: Takaful offers copay plans with up to 20% payment-sharing arrangements.
  • Dental care: Both in the UAE and around the world, dental treatment plans are expensive. One of the few insurance companies, Takaful, will pay up to AED 3,000 in dental costs.
  • Optical care: Takaful offers an optional optical protection plan with coverage starting at AED 1,500.
  • Physiotherapy: The Takaful plans will help you secure a healthy life by providing you with up to 20 physiotherapy treatments annually.

Plans/ Pricing

Takaful Emarat plans offers cheap individual and family medical insurance coverage. Among their plans are:

  • Rhodium – NextCare GN+ network
    • Annual premium for age 36-40: Male – AED 8,018, Female – 12,256
  • Iridium – NextCare RN2 network
    • Annual premium for age 36-40: Male – AED 4,186, Female – 5,897
  • Platinum – NextCare GN+ network
    • Annual premium for age 36-40: Male AED 7,149, Female – 9,675

Taxes of 5% on all pricing schemes apply.


Takaful Emarat is a leading provider of health insurance in the UAE. You will be provided with a comprehensive set of medical policies that cover all medical needs, including dental and optical concerns. Contact Takaful as soon as possible to receive your personalised price.

Adamjee Insurance – Best Medical Insurance in UAE for Family

In the 1960s, Adamjee Insurance Company Limited (AICL), one of the most well-known medical insurance providers in the UAE, was founded in Pakistan. They are particularly useful for comprehensive protection plans and family health insurance.

You may reach the helpful customer support staff at Adamjee any time of day or night because the business has built a solid reputation for being highly customer-focused. Adamjee now provides auto insurance in addition to DHA-compliant health coverage.

The Best Features

  • Coverage: Via its five network options—Gold, Silver Premium, Silver Classic, Green, and Silk Road—Adamjee offers coverage for medical costs up to AED 1 million per person.
  • Treatment received outside of a hospital: Adamjee offers copay options of 10%, 15%, and 20%, with a consultation fee cap of AED 75.
  • Work-related injuries: Adamjee offers excellent coverage for any harm you may sustain at work.
  • Benefits for expectant mothers: The insurance plan pays up to AED 10,000 in maternity costs for normal deliveries, c-sections, and any unexpected medical bills.
  • Dental plans: Adamjee will cover up to 20% of your copay for any dental work you need done anywhere in the world.
  • Late-night consultation: From 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., several of the hospitals and clinics in the Adamjee network offer emergency consultation.

Plans/ Pricing

The contribution plans for Adamjee medical insurance are quite reasonable. They will completely customise their pricing plan based on your needs, which is one of their main customer-centric strategies. Whenever you request an estimate from Adamjee, friendly agents will get in touch with you and ask for a thorough personal profile in order to present the best possible plan.


Adamjee covers all of your health insurance needs in the UAE, and the plans are fully compliant with industry best practises. Adamjee can provide you with personalised quotes right away.

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) – Best Medical Insurance in UAE for Salaried Employees

Shifa, the company’s comprehensive medical insurance solution, is one of the many individual, family, and work insurance packages offered by Abu Dhabi National Insurance Corporation (ADNIC). Shifa provides four levels of insurance coverage: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Based on your monthly pay or income, there are two premium categories: monthly income up to AED 4,000 and monthly income of more than AED 4,000.

The Best Features

  • Extensive global coverage: Shifa offers direct billing assistance for more than 750,000 suppliers in 197 nations.
  • Dental and optical care are optional services that are included in all pricing plans.
  • Work-related accidents and injuries are covered by ADNIC in a variety of ways.
  • You can add your family members, housekeepers, and employees to the ADNIC Shifa insurance plan.
  • High annual limit: ADNIC has one of the largest coverage limits in the business, up to AED 5 million.
  • Pre-existing conditions: Shifa fully protects you against a wide range of chronic and pre-existing ailments.
  • Vaccination plans: According to DHA guidelines, Shifa contains a number of immunizations and support programmes, such as pneumococcal vaccines, cancer support, and a Hepatitis C support programme.

Plans/ Pricing

Plans for ADNIC Shifa premiums or contributions are reasonably priced and in line with industry norms. The index premium rate for members in the 0-65 age range is AED 575 for those whose monthly income is up to AED 4,000.

Shifa doesn’t offer a price on its website. Once you give them your phone number, they will get in touch with you to get your information and provide a price.


For salaried employees, their family members, and maids, ADNIC Shifa provides the most comprehensive and compliant insurance coverage. Request your personalized quote right now.

Sukoon Insurance – Best for Online Insurance Management

Oman Insurance, one of the UAE’s most reputable insurance providers, recently rebranded as Sukoon Insurance. They provide almost every type of insurance, including individual, family, business, corporate, and priority insurance plans.

To high net worth members, Sukoon provides exclusive benefits such as a single point of contact and priority services. Oman Insurance, Sukoon’s predecessor, has over 47 years of experience serving high-end clients.

The Best Features

  • Mobile app: Sukoon has created an excellent mobile app for clients that allows you to easily access your self-service portal to manage all of your insurance services.
  • Claim settlement: Sukoon allows you to request and manage your claim entirely online, eliminating the need to visit or call any of their physical contact points.
  • Affordable: Sukoon’s insurance plans are among the most affordable in Dubai and the UAE, with prices starting at AED 560.
  • DHA compliance: Sukoon’s insurance plans are fully DHA compliant, so you can be confident that you are meeting the regulatory requirements.
  • There are several options: Sukoon goes above and beyond regulatory requirements with its HeathPlus insurance packages, which allow you to select a suitable option from six different pricing plans.
  • Various options: Sukoon goes above and beyond regulatory requirements with its HeathPlus insurance packages, which allow you to select a suitable option from six different pricing plans.
  • Extended coverage: You will get extensive insurance coverage from AED 150,000 to AED 5 million, including both local and global support

Plans/ Pricing

Sukoon’s pricing plans are extremely transparent. You will find both premium and value-for-money options, depending on your budget and preferences. The following are their initial annual premiums:

  • Prime – AED 8,700 – Limit up to AED 5 million
  • Pro – AED 5,300 – Limit up to AED 3 million
  • Max – AED 3,100 – Limit up to AED 500,000
  • Home – AED 2,000 – Limit up to AED 250,000
  • HomeLite – AED 1,600 – Limit up to AED 250,000
  • Safe – AED 1,500 – Limit up to AED 150,000


Sukoon provides one of the most user-friendly online insurance plans in the UAE. A plan can be purchased in ten minutes. Now is the time to look into the Sukoon plans.

Daman Health Insurance – Most Extensive Online Health Insurance

Daman is one of the few insurance companies in the UAE that specialises in health insurance. Daman is difficult to beat when it comes to comprehensive health insurance providers.

The Daman also provides excellent mobile and online service platforms, allowing you to manage your policies without having to contact a human agent. Daman provides coverage for you and your family both locally and globally.

The Best Features

  • Vast network: Daman has one of the largest networks of healthcare providers in the UAE, with over 2,000 healthcare organizations.
  • Application tracking: Using your reference ID and identity document number, you can track the status of your application online in real time with Daman.
  • Activity programme: If you participate in Daman’s physical activity programme, you will receive some exclusive benefits. The programme aims to keep you healthy by requiring you to work out for 15-20 minutes every day.
  • UAE travel insurance: Ziyarah, Daman’s travel insurance, covers foreign travellers for emergency medical needs or hospitalisation in the UAE, including Covid-19 treatment options.
  • Global insurance support: Daman’s Alami insurance is an excellent choice for UAE residents travelling outside the country. Daman’s extensive global network will provide you with all of the emergency assistance you require.

Plans/ Pricing

Daman has five high-quality health insurance pricing plans to choose from. Their annual premiums begin at the following levels:

  1. Care Bronze – Starts from AED 6,907, coverage limit AED 250,000
  2. Care Silver – Starts from AED 9,460, coverage limit AED 300,000
  3. Care Gold – Starts from AED 12,284, coverage limit AED 2.5 million
  4. Care Platinum – Starts from AED 15,882, coverage limit AED 5 million
  5. Premier DNE – Starts from AED 45,560, coverage limit AED 20 million


If you are looking for high-quality insurance packages, Daman is one of your best bets. Get your personalized quote right now by visiting their website or using their mobile app.

MetLife Insurance – Most Reputed Global Health Insurance Provider in the UAE

MetLife, founded in 1968, is one of the world’s oldest and largest health insurance providers. Because of their simple claim settlement process, the company has provided insurance packages in the UAE for over 65 years and has a solid reputation among customers.

The Best Features

  • Online services: MetLife was one of the first UAE health insurance providers to launch a comprehensive online service portal and phase out the paper-based application process.
  • Health insurance types: MetLife’s health insurance plans protect you from critical illness, disability, hospitalisation, and accidents.
  • Critical illness: MetLife covers up to 32 critical illnesses, and living a healthy lifestyle earns you a no-claim bonus.
  • Low-income options: MetLife also covers low-income individuals, such as students and domestic assistants, with rates starting at AED 761 per year.
  • Preventive services: MetLife insurance also covers you for preventive services such as vaccination and immunisation programmes.

Plans/ Pricing

MetLife’s pricing plans are competitive and suitable for people of all income levels. Some of their pricing plans begin at

  • EBP Employee on Company Visa or Domestic Help: AED 761.25
  • EBP Dependent Visa: AED 1,312.50
  • EBP Student Visa: AED 761.25


MetLife has established itself as one of the leading health insurance providers in the UAE. MetLife is now offering personalized quotes.


Conclusion: The Best Health Insurance in the UAE

We investigated the top health insurance providers in the UAE and determined Takaful Emarat to be the finest health insurance provider in the UAE. When seeking for the finest medical insurance in UAE, obtain quotes from multiple health insurance providers and evaluate their pricing, terms, and conditions.

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